Who are you with right now?
— Jeremy.

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Black Box Introduces its Bipolar Protagonist and Questions Normalcy in “Kiss the Sky”

Black Box Introduces its Bipolar Protagonist and Questions Normalcy in “Kiss the Sky”

It’s within the opening minutes of Black Box‘s pilot that we get a pretty good picture of protagonist Catherine Black (Kelly Reilly) is a neurologist with bipolar disorder and a habit of skipping her medication to the tune of some lighthearted jazzy music. The opening scenes of the pilot, in which Catherine relays her weekend out-of-town to her psychiatrist (Vanessa Redgrave) where she…

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Not only gorgeous, Washington, 37, is also ageless (seriously, she doesn’t look a day over Save the Last Dance). But she demurs such compliments. “The ‘imperfections’ are actually the gift,” she told Doobop.com. “The reality is we all have nerves and moments of insecurity…But if I said to myself that I’m only going to show up, or speak or be visible when I’m perfect, I would never get out of bed.”

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Acceptable reaction to misogyny.

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  • Friend: So how do you think you've changed since high school?
  • Me: Well I became aware of oppressive power structures and how we are complicit in them and now seek to dismantle them.
  • Friend: ...
  • Me: I also think I got hotter.
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i have no predictions for black box’s success but it’s been about twenty minutes and it feels pretty quality to me

Nicole Beharie photographed by Lance Gross

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[…] one thing you should not expect is a rekindling of Bash and Mary’s romance. There will always be a lingering thing between them. But [Kenna] is going to find herself falling for Bash, and she’s going to be successful in getting him to fall for her. Our lives have chapters. People move on. - McCarthy



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Reign Puts Mary on the Backburner in “Toy Soldiers”



Reign Puts Mary on the Backburner in “Toy Soldiers”

When Reignfirst premiered, the terrible voiceover in the opening sequence always began with a shot of Mary and ended with “Long may she reign”. It’s obvious who the show’s supposed to be about, with us entering the world of French court along with Mary and following her complicated engagement and marriage to Francis. Focus placed on other characters in the meantime is expected, and preferred, but…

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i’ve actually been really good about hanging out with people this semester. and by people i mean john and his roommates because i don’t hang out with anyone else. but i’ve gone to see them every time i’ve said i would and that’s maybe once a week so this is a HUGE accomplishment for me. it helps that it’s not terrible going over there


i don’t actually hate people it just exhausts me being around them for extended periods of time even my friends it’s nothing personal i just actually like being by myself yo

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