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Catch Up Corner: The 100 “The Calm” or the One Where Everyone’s Really Screwed

Catch Up Corner: The 100 “The Calm” or the One Where Everyone’s Really Screwed

The premise of “The Calm” is a weak one. Perhaps not the premisebut so much how the real meat of the episode is reached. The camp’s food stores (which we’ve never seen before) are destroyed in a fire which forces them to go out hunting despite the looming Grounder threat. It serves its purpose, propelling the episode forward into a face-off between Anya and Clarke with Finn’s life hanging in the…

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Lately, feminists like Annie Lennox, bell hooks and Emma Watson have taken issue with Beyoncé’s sexual openness. While trying to discredit Beyoncé as a feminist, they seem to have forgotten one of the most important parts of Chimamanda’s speech in ***Flawless.

"What does a lady dress like, exactly? And who decided what a lady looks like? What bearing should one’s clothing have on one’s identification as a feminist? This is exactly the kind of misogynist policing we’ve fought tooth and claw against for decades, and to level this line of “reasoning” at Beyoncé is not only antifeminist, it is despicable." (x)

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Kerry Washington: a summary (insp)

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Scary night, isn’t it? With the murders and all, it’s like right out of a horror movie or something.

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1970 something. Oscar de la Renta, Jerry Hall, Billie Blair, André Leon Talley, Dalma, Pat Cleveland.

#NYFW Oscar de la Renta and Andre Leon Talley in the 1970s with models (clockwise) Dalma, Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall and Billie Blair.

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"I thought we decided we weren’t going to do that anymore."

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Once again Ichabod and Katrina’s love comes back to ruin everyone’s day in “The Weeping Lady”

Once again Ichabod and Katrina’s love comes back to ruin everyone’s day in “The Weeping Lady”

The Cranes are so…Crane.

The finale yielded a bunch of jokes about this entire apocalyptic mess being the fault of the Crane family. Katrina and Ichabod’s love affair gave birth to Abraham’s headless tyranny, Katrina literally gave birth to the Horseman of War and Ichabod’s affection for Katrina created the Weeping Lady, the spirit of a jilted woman who’s wandered the town for centuries. Of…

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*white person on anon voice* so how can you say that white people can’t experience racism if i was beaten to death every day in school by my black classmates for being the ONLY white person at my school? and before you ask, YES i am black…

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I met a woman today. She just lost her husband and as she was talking about him and her marriage, as much as she wanted to be, she wasn’t in love. As I was listening to her, I realized what she was saying: she had let go of the possibility of love, of finding love, and I could see myself in her. I didn’t like who I was. All of these memories and feelings that I’m experiencing, they’re from a better version of me. I decided to let things run their course.

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